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I'm Marcie, and I guide courageous high-achievers - JUST LIKE YOU - to create your best life possible: health, happiness, prosperity, relationships, and life purpose. 

I'm in my 40s...but I often get guessed in my 20s and 30s because I'm Aging Backward - and you can too! Aging Backward is feeling comfortable in your own skin, being confident with who you are, having a deep sense of well-being, physical and emotional resiliency, feeling youthful, and being in alignment with your core values. 

Aging Backward is knowing who you are and ROCKING it!

I want this for you too.


5 things to consider:

  • There's a reason you're here. Probably a BIG reason. How long have you been dealing with excess weight, low energy, sluggishness, feeling frumpy, bloated or irritable, disconnected from your true zest?

    How much longer will you continue to deal with it? What if nothing changes in a year...5 years...10 years??!

  • How much have you already spent (time, energy, money, confidence) on trying to improve the situation?

    Most people who come to me have spent  tens of thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) on their health and happiness.

  • The amount of frustration over not having the exact strategy to achieve your goals.

    Most people who come to me are BEYOND frustrated with the status quo.

  • Most people who find me have been dealing with these issues for years!

    It's time to turn it around, baby!

  • I have a proven track record of delivering!

    You CAN be in a body you LOVE, radiate confidence and move into the life of your dreams!!

Success Stories

  • A sincere thank you for the amazing impact you had on my life and soul, as it changed the course of my entire life! You were the beautiful light responsible for my complete transformation. After one incredible conversation you found the missing link in my misdiagnosed health condition. You inspired me with your love, compassion and knowledge. 

    I will forever be grateful for your guidance, wisdom, and kind heart. You are a true expression of how a coach not only improves your health but transforms your life!


  • My experience with Marcie is one of the best things I have done in my life. I came to her after being chronically ill for 18 years. Doctors of all types hadn't helped me - but Marcie did! Not only is my health improved, my weight less, and energy increased, my happiness is so much greater!

    Anghared, London

  • I appreciate Marcie as my trusted health coach. She has been a wonderful source of inspiration. As a leader, she does not find fault or blame, instead enthusiastically supports creating my best life possible!

    Lou, Ohio

  • Because of Marcie's help I have regained control over my body. I'm the smallest I've been since my early twenties! I have more energy, digestion is working better, and my immune system is kicking butt! Without Marcie's coaching I would have given up. It has not been easy to overcome a lifetime of bad habits and self-sabotage. Having Marcie by my side reminds me to choose myself and my future over foods and behaviors that were keeping me ill. Marcie's support and love as a coach has everything to do with my success!

    Heather, California

  • I came to Marcie not overweight but wanting to be more lean. My goal was to lose 10 pounds and 2% body fat. I am a competitive male bicyclist in my late 50s. She not only enabled me to achieve these goals, I lost 12 pounds and 4% body fat! And I was never hungry (after my body adjusted to the new protocol). I have more energy and can ride farther and longer! My sleep improved, and even my allergies. I'm very pleased with the outcome.

    Page, California

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About Marcie

Marcie Peters, CHHC, The Age Backward Mentor 

Marcie guides courageous high-achieving women and men to AGE BACKWARD: keep your edge, stay sexy, live full out and get BETTER with age from the inside out! www.AgeBackward.com

A holistic nutritionist, best-selling author, and speaker, Marcie  graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). She is the founder of The Health and Happiness Guide.com and Transform Your Health World Summit (www.TransformHealthSummit.com).

Marcie has been on television, is a featured speaker and has shared the virtual stage with John Assaraf, David Wolfe, Dr Mark Hyman, Dr David Perlmutter, and many other thought leaders and world-changers. 

Marcie’s line of healthy H2 go-nutrition can be found at www.EnjoyH2.com.

Marcie offers transformational VIP and group coaching programs, and her work has affected over 40,000 people worldwide.

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